In comparison to traditional lighting, LED lightings have a number of added advantages. While these lights offer better energy and maintenance ease together with superior quality light, there also exist a number of ways in which they benefit large warehouses, factories and other open areas. The following are the reasons behind the popularity of LED aviation obstruction lights in India.

  • The Ease of Dim Lighting:

    In order to dim, LED’s require a particular hardware which is easily available, simple to install and also improves the overall lighting significantly. In contrary to metal halide bulbs, LED lights are more efficient when they function at less power. Additionally, the longevity of these bulbs is increased when run at lesser power. This gives the business a chance to save more money by managing the lighting in an efficient manner.

  • Ability to switch frequently:

    In case of metal halide lights, a major problem is the difficulty in turning them off easily without facing issues when they are turned on again. These lights usually take 15-20 minutes to turn on again. This implies that these lights often require to be run for long durations than in normal cases. Here comes the advantage of LED aviation obstruction lights Kolkata. These lights can be turned off instantly and turned back on right away with no compromise to the light quality or the tool itself. That means that the lifespan of either the device or energy is not wasted as the lights are not running unnecessarily.

  • No Need for Warm-Up Time:

    Most conventional lighting systems are known to require almost 15-20 minutes for warming up, i.e. to get fully charged. This is a reason why the lights in large sport stadiums are lit up long before sunlight is completely gone. The stadiums have to activate these lights for about 20-25 minutes before they actually need them. This means that the energy is being wasted unnecessarily. Besides, the conventional lights are less functional at lower power and hence burn more energy while warming up. As a reason, many large areas are switching to LED aviation obstruction lights in India.