Binay Opto Electronics Private Ltd. has been a pioneer in the field of LED aviation obstruction lights in India and the world since the last 30 years. Under the able direction of our Technical Adviser, Mr. Kumar K. Rohatgi, we have invented many LED lighting products in India and have many patents to our credit.

Our group first started with the manufacture of filament lamps in 1947, when Mr. K.K. Rohatgi set up India’s first indigenous electric lamp factory in Patna. Mr. K.K. Rohatgi is a member of the ETDC-23 committee of ISI (Indian Standards Institute), which is the group in charge of drafting of specifications for all Electric Lamps. All ISI Standard Specifications in India carry his name, as many were drafted by him.

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LED aviation obstruction lights in India

Industrial LED Lighting

LED lighting is one of the best options in the industrial sector due to its ability to cut operating costs through energy-efficient and advanced lighting technology. It also improves visual conditions, and enhances productivity and operating safety.

LED aviation obstruction lights in India

Industrial LED Indication Lights

LED Indicator lights are used on equipments, particularly in industrial settings, in order to provide audible and visual indicators of a process event or a machine state to technicians, machine operators, factory personnel or production managers.

LED aviation obstruction lights in India

LED Street Lighting

LED street lighting is a highly energy efficient lighting system when compared to other traditional forms of street lighting such as metal halide. An LED street lamp is capable of producing the same level of (or even higher) luminance as a conventional light, while requiring only 50% of the power use.

LED aviation obstruction lights in India

LED Aviation Obstruction Lights

LED Aviation Light is a “fit-and-forget” solution that utilizes the latest InP LED technology to eliminate the cost, hazard, and aggravation of frequent replacement – an inherent feature of the conventional filament bulb or neon spiral units used in this application.

LED aviation obstruction lights in India

LED Warning and Signal Lights

LED warning and signal lights are commonly used for increasing safety and efficiency by alerting authorities about the status of a particular situation. These lights are characterized by extremely low power consumption and high resistance to shock and vibration.

LED aviation obstruction lights in India

LED Traffic Signal Lighting

The LED Traffic Signal Light is a long-life, solid-state unit which can easily be retrofitted into the existing filament light receptacle in the conventional traffic light signal unit.

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