BINAY Chip-On-Board (COB) LED Flexistrips

BINAY’s COB LED Flexistrips use technologically superior techniques to provide colour-stabilised, long-life performance. BINAY LED Flexistrips use Chip-On-Board (COB) technology to directly place the LED chip on a heat-sinking metal board, thus allowing rapid dissipation of generated heat and keeping the LED P-N junction at a low temperature.

BINAY PowerLED Flood/Search Light

BINAY’s PowerLED Flood/Search Lights provide a long-life, low power solid-state solution for outdoor and indoor façade lighting and similar applications.

BINAY PowerLED MR-16 Lights and PowerLED QR-111 Lights

BINAY PowerLED MR-16 lights and PowerLED QR-111 lights (replacements for 5W, 10W and 30W halogen lights) BINAY’s PowerLED MR-16 matches the light output of up to 100W halogen lamps, while still providing 80% power saving and a working lifetime of over 50,000 hours (as against the conventional halogen lamp having a life of only 1000-2000 hours).

BINAY Model QR111 PowerLED-based Recess-Mount Downlighter Module

BINAY’s Model QR111 PowerLED Downlighter Module is a long-life and power-saving eco-friendly light unit, which effects 90% savings in energy over its halogen equivalent.

BINAY Model ‘DLF’ LED-based Surface Mount Downlighter

BINAY’s Model ‘DLF’ PowerLED Downlighter is a long-life and power-saving eco-friendly luminaire, ideal for locations and applications requiring continuous 24×7 operation.

BINAY PowerLED Bollards and Garden Lights

Long life, low power, maintenance-free BINAY PowerLED Lights for Gardens and Landscapes BINAY model ‘ELEGANT’ PowerLED Bollards.