BINAY LED (Light Emitting Diode) – Based Integral Indicator Modules For Panel Indication

BINAY is the pioneer in the manufacture of specialised types of filament and gas-discharge lamps in the country. The BINAY Integral LED Module has been perfected in keeping with the BINAY philosophy of developing an LED replacement for every incandescent light source. This is an original development — a world-wide first, invented by BINAY and utilising self-developed patented technology.

BINAY OEM/P Series Integral LED Module Pilot Light Indicators

The BINAY OEM/P Series range of LED Modules are backed by the BINAY reputation for quality, innovation, and reliability, and are suitable for simple indication purposes in various applications. All OEM/P Series Modules utilise standard industrial grade LEDs, LED chips, and associated internal components, and are burnt-in (aged) for 12 hours after production quality tests.

BINAY Omnivolt Series (Wideband) LED Module Pilot Lights (For Single-Point Wideband Operation from 24VAC/DC – 240VAC/DC)

BINAY’s Omnivolt (Wideband) Series of Integral LED Module provides a universal single-point wideband 24VAC/DC – 240VAC/DC) solution for LED pilot light indication in electrical control panels.

BINAY Multichip LED Lamps

BINAY Multichip LED Lamps offer the advantage of immediate one-to-one retrofit replacements to existing filament indicator bulbs. The light emission is characterised by a high degree of angular dispersion, making them ideal for use in applications requiring the backlighting of inscribed legends (such as annunciator window fascias and illuminated pushbutton switches).

BINAY LED-Based Heavy Duty Line Tester

The BINAY LED-based Heavy Duty Electric Line Tester is a sturdy, reliable, and convenient product which has been designed for the purpose of line voltage testing in industrial environments Electric Maintenance personnel in industry normally test 415VAC phase-to-phase voltage with a makeshift arrangement in which two 220VAC GLS bulbs are connected in series. This arrangement generally incurs heavy consumption of GLS bulbs due to breakage and theft.

BINAY LED Matrix Annunciator Window Fascia Units

BINAY LED (Light Emitting Diode) Annunciator Windows provide HIGH RELIABILITY of indication in mission-critical control and fault annunciation. Annunciator Window units play a crucial role in control and fault annunciation. The reliability of indication is very important for control applications, as failure can have catastrophic consequences.

BINAY LED Illuminated Pushbutton Switches and Actuators

BINAY LED Illuminated Switches offer high reliability due to their vibration-resistant nature, apart from the long life and low power consumption characteristic of LEDs.

BINAY LED-Based Power Distribution Semaphore Indicator

The BINAY LED (Light Emitting Diode) Semaphore Indicator is a highly reliable solid-state replacement for the conventional electromechanical semaphore indicator unit.