In the commercial and industrial sectors, LED lights are extensively used because of their unique characteristics. There is no need for maintenance of LED lights and they are more durable and reliable. The lifespan of LED is as long as 50,000 – 100,000 hours and they can properly operate in all types of environments. In comparison to the conventional light sources, they are more energy efficient. 5 benefits of LED lights are mentioned here.

1. Return on Investment of LED lighting for Industrial Applications

A cost-effective replacement for fluorescents, HIDs and other industrial lighting is LED lighting. For the initial time only, you have to pay a high purchase cost for LED lights and after that enjoy lesser electricity bills for years. This results in saving a lot of money. That’s why, for managing air traffic in airports, LED aviation obstruction lights are used in India.

2. LED Lights Don’t Require Maintenance

The maintenance cost of LED lights is almost none. It is a wrong idea of people that there is a need for servicing and replacement of the magnetic ballasts of LED lights. The actual fact is that there are electronic drivers in LED lights that do not need replacement. Any type of rugged environment can be faced by these drivers. The servicing of magnetic ballasts of hundreds of fluorescents or HID lights in large commercial and industrial facilities is very expensive whereas there is no such expense for LED lights as they have electronic drivers.

3. Well-Designed LED Lighting Drivers Don’t Fail

During the effective lifetime of an LED light, well-designed LED drivers don’t fail and this is another major benefit of using LED lighting in industrial facilities. Frequent on/off switching in a well-designed LED fixture does not shorten its effective life, but rather makes it longer.

4. LED Lights Don’t Contain Mercury

There is another wrong idea in people that just like fluorescent lighting, LED lights also contain mercury. There is no mercury in LED lights and they are not harmful. In any type of environment including high-temperature environments and cold environments, LED lights can work well. LED aviation obstruction lights are used in Kolkata airport.

5. LED Lighting Can Manage Glare

The ability to manage glare is a final benefit of LED lights for industrial applications. For any industrial facility, a glaring lighting facility is not suitable. The LED lights are manufactured in such a way that they can manage glare. The glare passes quickly as soon as the LED lights grow a little old. Direct brightness and glare are also minimized by well-designed optics on LED fixtures. For industrial facilities, LED lights now have an excellent colour temperature.